Current  And  Past AVVA National Presidents of  Associate Vietnam Veterans of  America
               Mary Miller               Nancy  Switzer               Sharon  Hobbs               Elaine  Simmons
               2004 - 2008                 1999 - 2004                  2013 - Present                    2008 - 2010
                                                      2010 - 2013
The Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. began as a group of members within Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.
In 1999, it was determined that large numbers of non-veteran members within a Veterans organization did not meet the criteria of a 501(c)(19).  Thus the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. was established as an independent membership and service organization.
AVVA National
State of Ohio
Buckeye State Council
A.V.V.A.  National  President
Sharon  Hobbs
A.V.V.A.  Ohio State
Representive  Don  Jones
Buckeye  State  Council
A.V.V.A.  Liaison  Don  Jones