Lima, Ohio - Allen County Fair - August 26, 2016
Each Year at the Allen County Fair VVA Chapter 89 has a Veterans tent set up for all veterans to congregate in, and spend some time talkin to each other over a cup of coffee or a cold refreshing soada.
This gathering is not just for Vietnam Veterans, it is for any veteran who has served in the military.
The tent size is 60' X 240',  Live music is preformed, Food is served, and Chapter 89 thanks all in attendance.

The attendance for 2016, was around 510-525, which is the largest crowd they have ever had at their veteran's day event.  Buckeye State Council President, Cliff Riley was invited to speak to those in attendance, thanking
all for their service, and providing information concerning VA benifits, and House and Senate bills that need
to be passed so more VA benifits will be available to all veterans.

The oldest Male veteran was 93,  /  The oldest Female veteran was 84.
The youngest Male veteran was 34,  /  The youngest Female veteran was 32.
The name of the band is, "The Hallelujah Saints Band", under the direction of Walter Jones.
This was the second year that they have performed for us.

VVA Chapter 89 would like to thank the Allen county fair board for providing such a great venue for our use and the staff of the Allen County Veterans Service commission office for helping with the publishing of the event.