* * *  "Veterans Support Foundation" (VSF)
Helping homeless, disable, and needy veterans with shelter, counciling and government benefits assistance.

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 * * *  "Veterans Upward Bound" (VUB)
Veterans Upward Bound is a program designed to help you refresh your academic skills and give you the confidence you need to successfully pursue a college degree or a postsecondary
vocational training program.
Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, VUB programs and services are provided to eligible veterans completely free of charge.
                                More information about the VUB program               Frequently asked questions

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Would Your Chapter Like To Have Their Own Website ?
If your chapter wishes to have a website built and maintained by our Buckeye State Council Webmaster,
call 513. 505. 5391 and speak with Wayne. 

If your chapter receives HGSP, (Household Goods)
funds, your chapter may use these funds to support the cost of having your own chapter website, at a very low cost per year.
View below website samples
BSC http://www.vvaohio.com/index.htm
Chapter 649 http://www.vva649.org/index.html
Chapter 10 http://www.vva10.org/
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